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What is PostalEASE Liteblue?

PostalEASE is a transaction platform for the USPS Liteblue employees in which payments are securely enhanced. The USPS employees can access services that are allotment liquidated using the Liteblue Postal Ease application. Postalease also allows employees to make direct deposits and conveniently access their payments.

PostalEASE helps employees avoid opening several accounts to perform different transactions as they can all be performed under one online platform. Operations such as direct access to deposit facilities paycheck access and saving plan can be quickly done under the PostalEASE account.

PostalEASE platform also has an FEHB tab on its website in which employees can consider accessing it. The federal employees’ health benefits give the employee access to a health service plan in which they can get health services quickly.

The USPS employees can access the postal EASE portal to make direct deposits and Thrift savings plan (TSP) transactions.

What is TSP?

It is known to be a contribution plan for employees and retirees. It offers employees benefits similar to the benefits provided to the workers in the private sector.

Employees use PostalEASE to make the thrift savings plan transactions more accessible and faster. A thrift plan is only open to federal employees. It helps the employees with the ability to invest their money in different investments without any doubt of loss.

USPS users require PostalEASE to perform the following Thrift savings plan:

  • Making modifications to the revenue rate of the TSP plan. In these modifications, employees can determine the amount they want to invest in the TSP.
  • Makes contributions to the thrift savings plan.
  • Information about the dependents can be modified in the plan .the USPS human resource has to be informed about these particular changes considering the FEHB requirements.
  • Terminate your current thrift savings contributions.

PostalEase Liteblue

Requirements needed to access PostalEASE

  • One must be an employee and a user of USPS to access services offered by PostalEASE.
  • One requires a social security number (SSN), USPS FCU routing number, USPS pin code, and a personal USPS FCU account.

How to login to Liteblue PostalEASE?

  1. To Sign in securely at PostalEASE Liteblue USPS Gov website, you need first to visit the USPS homepage.
  2. After visiting the official web portal, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions provided before you proceed to the next level.
  3. After you are allowed into the site, you are provided with a form in which you will provide your USPS employee information, including your password.
  4. After the primary login, you will have to log in to PostalEASE using your employee ID, and password then submits your details to be logged in.
  5. As shown in the article, PostalEASE is an online telephone-based service that is used by the USPS to facilitate direct access to transactions using only one account exclusively

Login to PostalEase

How to register for Liteblue PostalEASE?

To undertake your registration, you need to call the PostalEASE number then select the menu to proceed with your registration. During the process, you will be required to give all your details according to the instructions given before your registered.

After registration, you will be required to proceed to the next step, where you will provide information such as processing dates, confirmation numbers, and pay periods, which you should note down as they are essential for future access.

In case you encounter problems during registration, you are required to call a representative for PostalEASE who will guide you.

To access PostalEASE contact numbers, you can visit their websites or use the USPS link USPS LiteBlue login.

Before you call the PostalEASE number you have to have;

  • Your USPS employee identification number.
  • Your PIN or personal identification number
  • Your social security number (SSN)

Ways in which PostalEASE is used for your allotments

PostalEASE is known to be a secure and convenient way to make an employee’s allotments. The following are some of the tasks PostalEASE performs;

  • It helps to change your day to day allotments.
  • It is used in the termination or changing of your allotments.
  • It is used in the transfer of your finances to two or one allotments..

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